JFCJFC for Mac OS X - A free Japanese Flash Card Program
Version 1.20b5 - Site Last Updated 2004-03-30

News News: There will be no updates for a bit, while the program is converted to Cocoa.

JFC is a flash card program for learning Japanese. This OS X port is based on the excellent Windows version by Glenn Rosenthal and features the same smart features such as showing a missed card more times, automatic card generation using a dictionary, ability to add example kanji, keyboard shortcuts, an inspector for character info, and extensive configurability.


Mac OS X 10.x (tested and works on 10.2.8)
A Japanese font installed (OS X by default installs the Japanese language kit)


Download Item 1 JFC Program (JFC_1.20b5.dmg.gz) - 555K
Includes kanjinfo.dat, a sample color kanji list, and a sample .jfc flash card file.

Download Item 2 EDICT Dictionary (JFC_EDICT.dmg.gz) - 3.6M
Drag the contents into the same folder as JFC to enable JFC to define words on-the-fly.

Download Item 3 Source Code (jfcmacsrc1.20b5.tar.gz) - 312K
Full source released under the GNU General Public License. Requires Developer Tools to compile.

If you're interested in localizing the program, I can provide help. All the strings are either in Localizable.strings, InfoPlist.strings, or main.nib. If you want, I can generate a single XML file for your language that has all the strings in one place.


JFC is a Mac OS X program and was designed to be fully Aqua-compliant. This means that the interface should be familiar to any OS X user. The 2nd shot is a mockup of the forthcoming authoring mode.

JFC with Character Inspector

JFC Preferences


Carbonization: Da Woon Jung <dirkpitt2050@users.sourceforge.net> (Homepage)
Current Windows version: Glenn Rosenthal (Homepage)

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